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Chapel of Unity
With windows given by the German churches, and a mosaic floor as a gift from the people of Sweden, this star-shaped chapel is a truly cosmopolitan structure. Underneath the central glass Altar is the ‘dove of peace’, which serves as a biblical focal point, drawing all the continents of the world together in Unity. Nearby are the Greek letters Alpha and Omega (the first and the last), a Chi-Rho (the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ), a fountain (water of life), and five loaves and two fishes (for the feeding of the five thousand). Further out from the centre are four creatures - a lion, an eagle, an ox and an angel (Mark, John, Luke and Matthew). Finally, the five inhabited continents are represented by five circular mosaics. As the floor, designed by Einar Forseth, is saucer-shaped, round objects roll to the centre from the edges symbolising the hope that all mankind will come together in peace. The Chapel is used for worship by different Christian traditions and hosts ecumenical services.